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Cremation or Burial?
This is normally down to the personal choice of the deceased who may have indicated their preference either personally or with instructions in their will. If no choice has been made it is normally the decision of the next of kin which may give an added burden at a distressing time if they do not know the deceased’s wishes.

Is cremation more expensive than burial?
No. Generally the cost of a grave is much higher than the fee charged for cremation although funeral charges are similar for both services.

What happens when I buy a grave?
Ownership of the purchased grave normally lasts for 100 years, however this can be ‘topped up’. You must indicate how many burials will be required in the plot as this determines the depth of the first burial. You cannot change this once the first burial has taken place as there are legal requirements as to how much earth must be left on top of the last coffin, however cremated remains, caskets or urns may still be buried within the graves.

Can I place a memorial on the grave or garden of remembrance?
There are many different types of graves available, some allow personal tributes as well as a headstone, certain gardens of remembrance do not allow any personal tributes or marker as the area is used for scattering ashes of many people. In this instance there is usually an area nearby where a plaque may be erected to commemorate your loved one. Please check with your chosen cemetery.

Can I be buried or have my ashes scattered anywhere?
Before scattering ashes other than in a cemetery it is advisable to gain the permission of the landowner (a fee may be payable). Burials may be within a local authority controlled cemetery (eg. District or Parish Council) or a privately owned cemetery/natural burial ground.

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